San Fran - California Wine Tasting 2005

Were you at this wine tasting & San Francisco tour?
Our base of operstions was the Torrens' abode.
I don't remember who was taking photos.
(must have been all that wine flowing.)

  Do you have some photos
from the fun filled lake front event to share?

If you have any photos please - Contact us!

"The Official Class Wine Tasters"

The Newest Winery Tasting Girls Club of the West Coast

Do you recognize them? Their names are mentioned in other photos.

Sherry(Chimis)Hilger, Dick & Linda Stansbury, Leigh Moore, Pat(Mahler)McDonald, B'Ann Bradshaw Rupp, Don Rupp

Bill Neurauter, Pat(Mahler)McDonald, B'Ann Bradshaw & Don Rupp

Gene & Kat(Bodor)Olivo, Charlie & Sharon Buckeridge

Charlie Buckeridge, Pat(Mahler)McDonald & Russ Johnson, John Torrens, Roy Garr

Diane Raupp

Donna & Jesse Nehf Taking photo of Carol(Schoenfeld)Bohne, Jeff Pratt, Sherri(Chimis)Hilger, Roy Garr, Russ Johnson, Cathy Garr, Pat(Mahler)McDonald, Michelle Pratt, Marlene & Bill Neurauter, Sharon Buckeridge

Bev, Torrens, Gene Olivo, Charlie & Sharon Bucheridge, Roy & Cathy Garr, Dick Stansbury, Jeff Pratt, Dan & Diane Raupp, Sherry(Chimis)Hilger, Pat(Mahler)McDonald, Donna Schanmier Castellanos, Bill Neurauter

Diane Raupp, Jeff & Michelle Pratt, Sharon & Charlie Buckeridge, Kay(Bodor)Olivo, Bev Torrens Donna & Jesse Nehf

Carol(Shoenfeld)Bohne, Sherry(Chimis)Hilger, Diane & Dan Raupp, Jeff Pratt

Cathy & Roy Garr, Dick & Linda Stansbury, Jeff Pratt

Sherry(Chimis)Hilger, Donna Schanmier Castellanos, Jeff & Michelle Pratt, Pat(Mahler)McDonald,

Donna & Jesse Nehf

Bill & Marlene Neurauter

Bill Neurauter, Linda & Dick Stansbury, Gene Olivio, Sherry(Chimis)Hilger, Jesse Nehf, Pat(Mahler)McDonald

All of us pose at the Mondavi Winery in Napa Valley

Bill Neurauter(in front of Charlie), Charlie Buckeridge, Marlene Neurauter, Donna Schanmier Castellanos, Gene Olivio, Roy Garr, Sharon Buckeridge, Bev Torrens


Charlie Buckeridge, Gene Olivo, Carol(Schoenfeld)Bohne, Bill Neurauter, Cathy & Roy Garr, Sharon Buckeridge

Dan Raupp

Cathy Garr, Palph Westberg, Roy Garr, Sherry(Chimis)Hilger, Donna Schanimer Castellanos, Carol(Schoenfeld)Bohne, Doinna Nehf, Pat Westberg, Charlie Buckeridge

Marlene Neurauter, Diane Raupp, Leigh Moore, B'Ann Bradshaw Rupp, Bill Neurauter

Jesse Nehf, Roy & Cathy Garr, Donna Nehf