Illinois 7th Picnic - Busse Woods

Grove #3 - 6/14/08 

Busse Woods group photo from 2008.
Far Back Row (L to R): John Kruk (big hat w/sun glasses), Tom Thompson, Bill (Willy) Neurauter(peaking over Marlenes head), Ken Dieball, Gary Snell, Dan Schmeichel, Dave Buren, Linda Fischer(peaking out w/sunglasses), Don ??(friend of Dolores Deminski), Al & Sherrill Sander, Russ Johnson, Don Nordvedt, Bruce Oehlerking, Paul Syoen, Jean Syoen, John Kelly, John Engle, Don Olsen & Nancy Parkin

Middle Row(L to R): Jeff Inkley Anna Marie Yates, Robin Kruk, Marlene Neurauter, Bob & Kathy Wake(just in front of Bob), Toni (Minetti)Kane, Dolores (Dembinski)Fredrich, Patty (Mahler)McDonald, Nancy (Parson)Ewart, Cathy Oehlerking, Sally Carl, Marj (Ibotson)Kelly, Diane (Graef)Engle, Mary (O'Connell)Olsen & Marshall Crane

First Row (L to R): (all kneeling)Fred Frischer, Tom ??, Marcia (Born)Schacht, Doug Yates, CROL (Haegele)Thompson, John Parkin & Carol (Maisel)Crane

If you have any photos please - Contact us!

Bob Wake was kind enough to email me these photos. Did we miss anyone? Bob, Can you tell us whose wearing these colorful socks?