Jeff Inkley's Memorabilias

Nancy Miller & friend.  Okay Nancy confession time - sure would like to put

his name up!

Dr. Bruno Warra (Assistant Principal)

This is Fred Lussow making a spectacular catch during an away conference game.

Cheerleader Betty Berg at a basketball game in the Arlington High gym.

Some of you will remember that we had a kindergarten class in the H.S.  Jeff thinks it was only there one year.  Jeff was covering it for the Cardinal.  Jeff says you may notice that the kids are relaxed because he set the camera to take the picture automatically with no flash -- so they were never aware the picture was taken. Would that be allowed today? The photograph - that is!

Jeff says this was a display case in the hallway at AHS - obviously decorated for Christmas  (back when that was legal).

"The Crucible" by Arthur Miller

Randy Bolsinger & Sue Tabacik

The Crucible" by Arthur Miller

Sock Hop -Diane Burger & Bob Sunko on the left - Nancy Moore on right & help with the rest please.

Guidance Office (Classmates Please)

Leigh Moore sitting

One just for fun - remember the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile?