Welcome to Las Vegas Mini Reunion October 2003




L - R: Audrey (Oakley)Baas - Nancy (Parson)Ewart - John Torrens - Terry Zeman

Judy (Van Note)Schreier

L to R: - Terry Zeman - Karen (Flack) & Gene Sandstrom - Dwight Zeman - John Torrens

John Torrens is telling Leigh Moore how this trip was planned.

L to R: Chuck Hurst, Jeannie (Ewert) Moskoff & friend Jack Miller share a good laugh.

Nancy (Parson)Ewart

L - R: Leigh Moore - Marlene & Bill Neurauter

Karen (Flack)Sandstrom

Karen and Terry talking things over.

Now that was funny - !!!!

Leigh Moore - Bill & Marlene Neurauter - Leigh was sure glad we got that settled.

Leaving for diner on the first night:

L - R: Front Row Audrey (Oakley)Baas - Karen (Flack)Sandstrom - Bev Torrens - Ann (Carlisle)Garnett - Nancy (Parson)Ewart - Sam Baas - Chuck Hurst

BACK ROW: L - R: John Torrens - Dwight & Terry Zeman - Dale Lowe (friend of John and Bev Torrens) - Leigh Moore.