Oldie but Goodies a Treasure from the Past 

John Torrens and Dick Stansbury

Bob Weinert - Gary Snell - Dan Raupp - Denny Gaul

Jim Elgas - Rick Williams - Harold Nelson

Taken at St. James Catholic School in l955.

Neil Hanson - Tom Ninow - One of the Gregory brothers.


Robert Lueder and Sam Baas

Charles Ardinger

Mike Stasuk

Richard Stansbury & Linda Hanson

1959 Prom Picture

Bob Blanchard - AZ

Bill Mohr - AZ

Janet Lueth (Long before marring Bob Blanchard)

Larry Scharringhausen

Janet Cloud

This is kind of off center but to get Carl into the picture I had to scan it this way.

Larry Scharringhausen - Carl Scharringhausen - Jim Page.  I believe they are a little camera shy?

Jim Page

Shirley Stadnik and Carol Anderson

Betty Cooper